Edu-learn assessment centre is
an empowerment initiative implemented

to introduce tuition to pupils in Mathematics, English and basic computer skills.


We provide tutors for primary
school learners throughout SA

Our extra lessons are provided in the
comfort of our learning centre


Young, bright university students
or retired teachers with innate teaching

and facilitating abilities interested in
becoming part of our family


We have the experts in tutoring!
Learners desperately need it, but parents and teachers aren't always able to provide it. Let us become partners in your child's education. There is no better way to improve your child's understanding, confidence and motivation than to have one of our tutors sit down with them one-on-one. Edu-learn assessment centre provides tutors for primary school learners throughout SA


Our aim is to foster a mentoring relationship as opposed to a teacher-student relationship.


In terms of extra lessons outside of existing schooling environment, we find the learners are able to relate better to university students and that this helps to facilitate the learning process. Our tutor's goal is to empower learners to work by themselves. Often, they only see the learner once per week, so it's absolutely necessary to get the learner working by themselves.


One-on-one lessons provide the individual attention that many learners do not receive in a classroom environment.


The beauty of 1-on-1 tuition is that our tutors can quickly adapt to new or changed syllabi. Our tutors can assist government school, private school or even home schooled. The lessons provided are usually in conjunction with an existing syllabus provided by a school or education institution. Our tutor's role ranges from filling in gaps to re-explaining or teaching entire sections

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